Dating omega watch movements

An oscillating weight (selfwinding mechanism in a traditional watch) transmits the mechanical energy to the micro generator through the microbarrel.The generator converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy and stores it in an accumulator (Capacitor for caliber 1400).Many counterfeits draw design elements from different Omega lines, resulting in a watch that has the features of two or more distinct Omega models.If the watch superficially appears to be a Speedmaster, but says Seamaster on the dial and has the case back of a Constellation, then the watch is probably a fake.The mechanism alerts low power reserve by moving the seconds hand in four seconds intervals.The Omega 1400 caliber has a slow date change, which usually takes approximately 1.5 hours to change over. due to lack of official documentation, it is not clear how long this titanium lithium rechargeable battery will last when used in Omega 1400 caliber, however it is advised that these watches are serviced every 24 months and the batteries are replaced as a matter of discourse during Omega servicing.

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This caliber has the option of manual winding to get the initial power to the capacitor.The first production watches were introduced to the market in 1970 very shortly after the first quartz watch, the Seiko 35 SQ Astron in December 1969.The beta 21 is noteworthy and significantly important to the history of watch making as it marked the first quartz watch produced on an industrial level and began the quartz crisis Numerous Swiss manufacturers released beta 21 watches, the first Rolex Oysterquartz model used the beta 21 movement, Patek Philippe also produce a range of beta 21 models as did the International Watch Company including it in their first Davinci watch.The Beta 21 movement used in the Electroquartz was accurate to 5 seconds per month, far better than any automatic or manual wind movement of the day.The Omega Electroquartz was the first Swiss quartz watch produced as part of a range called beta 21 watches, the beta 21 was developed at CEH research laboratory by twenty Swiss watch manufacturers.

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