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Sexual Orientation : Bisexuality Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 53620 Habit : Not dare to risk, love her mother very much, stress in sometimes, love her friends, cute, like to make funny moments in her group Grade : 10 room 1 (Season 1), 11 room 1 (Season 2), 12 room 1 (Season 3) Her smartphone & phablets : Apple i Phone 4S Sexual Orientation : Homosexuality (Lesbian) Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 53196 Habit : Very wide mind, love friends, sensitive mood but performs about vigorous feeling, Hate contrasts, love to take care her lover. She screamed extremely and destroyed everything near her. I think he is the funniest father ever in Hormones The Series. Dao’s mother is really strict and make Dao stressed. Koi feels neck ache and Koi wants Dao to massage her neck. Net feels sad when Koi cries so he tries to let Koi is in a relationship with Net. Net doesn’t want Koi to be in a domestic partnership with Dao again, but Koi says to Net about in her life only guy she love is Net only. Although Dao’s mother can trust about Dao’s sex vision, but Koi’s father… Because Koi’s father cheered Koi to be in a relationship with Net.

Grade : 10 room 1 (Season 1), 11 room 1 (Season 2), 12 room 1 (Season 3) Her smartphones & phablets : Apple i Phone 4S Dao wrote romantic poem in her blog and let her friends Koi and L read it. Her pressure miter ran to limited point and exploded insanely. Actually mother’s demand can’t control Dao’s demand because Dao’s mother tried to force Dao to be everything she want. Net tries to pick up Koi by inviting Koi to run together. When Net talks something about faculty he interests, He wants to enter faculty of engineer that as same as Koi too. Because if Koi still love Dao, bad feeling will be occurred again. Dao hides herself and listen Dao and Net’s talking.

She was very high imagination to wrote many love poems ❤ But Win, her upper class man walked pass her classroom so her friends looked Win and Kwan stealthy. Dao and Dao’s mother felt far away to close their feeling. Since Dew threw copied sheets of Dao & Koi’s Polaroid photo, Dao and Koi felt far together. And Koi got gift from someone who Koi guessed about some guy who wanted to pick up her. Dao stood up and walked away from Dao and went to that guy. Net asks about trying to pick up Koi directly and Koi laughs. In a day of going to Central World, Dao, Koi and L meet to do something. When Dao and Koi walk away from elevator, Koi tries to warn Dao about don’t allow guys who try to violate her. Koi keeps being in a relationship with Net and wants to be straight sex vision. At looking Win’s moment, Dao and her friends imagined about Win and Kwan to be in a relationship too. After Dao and Koi talk, they hold their hand together. She gazes Net’s face sexually but when she turns her book, she sees red star shaped paper that Dao ever sent to Koi since Hormones Season 2. (in real life, Win tried to pick up Kwan, but Kwan didn’t love Win). Koi doubts but when Net turns his head to Koi and said “Koi, this problem what do you solve? She wants to have straight sex vision as same as another girls. Meanwhile Dao writes new novel about her relationship between her and Koi. Then she puts 2 girls hook little finger together and she creates this story name “Hook little finger” (In Thai, Koi is mean little finger) Someday Dao’s mother opens Dao’s room and she sees about Dao’s room is untidy. “I know about I shouldn’t talk with this because you are in a relationship with Net, but I want to tell immediately.” Dao says. ” “In this time I wrote new novel about 2 student girls that very closed, more than close friend. “This is first time that I have hope about our relationship.” Koi feels stress and undecided and says “You talk about this in this time. Last updated on May 4th, 2016, am Childhood friends who grew up playing video games/watching anime and never grew out of it, romantic undertones that aren't completely shoujo genre because the boob jokes are friendly and hilarious, this manga was just what I needed to read to feel like not such a complete dimwit after all for still being obsessed with these things. My only issue is the tagging on this site; while I can't say it's "officially" running through a magazine since it's published online, "josei" would be a much better demographic match than "shoujo."EDIT: I went ahead and changed the directed demographic to josei from shoujo, as I think younger readers won't appreciate it as much as a more mature reader would.The very real insecurity of being an "otaku" or gamer/anime lover is touched upon and acknowledged pretty well here and the art is just at an ideal spot (not too moe but not too shounen and not at all without flow and pretty color choices). Last updated on April 12th, 2016, pm I actually remember reading this on pixiv when the first chapter was published. It's not overly adult-oriented or anything of the sort but the humor is more based around the idea of being a geek as an adult, which causes me to believe the previous "shoujo" tag doesn't fit in the slightest....

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