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Antwerp follows, with its Nieuwe Tijdinghen of 1616.Six years later came the establishment in London, by Nathaniel Butter and his partners, of a like paper, under the title of The Weekly News.and News sheets appeared in England before the Civil War.During the Commonwealth, Oliver Cromwell tightened up on publications and news sheets.In 1655 he set up a Government Censor which gave the State a monopoly on what news appeared in print.The Royalists were no better after 1660 and the 1662 Printing Act set up a Licenser which continued censorship and monopoly of the news. The authenticated history of newspapers begins in Germany.The earliest plainly periodical collection of the "news of the day," as distinguished from the isolated news-pamphlets (of which there is at least one example of as early a date as 1498, and in Germany alone about eight hundred examples, all dating before 1610, still to be found in existing libraries), is the Frankfurter Journal, a weekly publication started by Egenolph Emmelin 1615.

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The scheme of Théophraste Renaudot, a busy projector, unconnected with trade, who in certain points of his character and talent may be described as a born publicist, it appeared under the patronage of Richelieu, in the shape and with the limitations which it pleased the chief statesman of the day to mark out for it.However, the Egna-Neumarkt Glaucoma Study stated that the burden of PACG in Europe has been underestimated previously [2].The prevalence in this study was 0.6%, which accounts for about a quarter of all primary glaucoma cases. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. To determine if hyperopia is a risk factor for primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG) in the Dutch population and to identify other biometrical parameters as risk factors for PACG including axial length (AL), anterior chamber depth (ACD), and values. The study population consisted of PACG patients that had undergone a laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI).Refractive error, ACD, AL, and test and by logistic regression. 117 PACG patients and 234 controls were included (mean age = 80 years ± 3.6).

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