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Mishin's students have won two Olympic individual gold medals (Alexei Urmanov, 1994; Evgeni Plushenko, 2006), five world titles, 10 European crowns and 22 Russian championships.Considered a pioneer in the area of jumping, he created a training system for multi-rotation jumps and designed training devices still used around the world.Olympic champions Alexei Yagudin, Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao, and Trixi Schuba have been elected to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame Class of 2017, nominating chair Lawrence Mondschein announced Monday.They are joined in the class by coach Alexei Mishin and choreographer Sarah Kawahara.A popular Ukrainian and Belarusian female name Olesia/Olesya/Alesia/Alesya is one possible form.The patronymics based on Alexey are Alexeyevich and Alexeev (male) and Alexeyevna and Alexeeva (female).In just six senior seasons, Russia's Yagudin won the 2002 Olympic gold medal, four world championships (1998-2000, '02), three European titles (1998-99, 2002) and two Grand Prix Final gold medals (1998, 2001).

A month later, he won the 1998 World Championships.Its elect became the Russian figure skater of Anastasiy Gorshkov, the daughter of the Russian trainer of Aleksey Gorshkov, he reports Itself of Gorshkov, which paired with Ilya tkachenko became the master of the sport of Russia, won the bronze and silver medals of the yuniorskogo championship of Russia in the dances on ice, information about the marriage with The the yagudinym it did not confirm, but also it did not refute.Considered by many to be the greatest compulsory figure skaters of all time, Schuba won the gold medal at the 1972 Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan.She is also a two-time (1971-72) world champion, two-time (1971-72) European champion and six-time (1967-72) Austrian champion.

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