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Also, we generally try to encourage and support junior and marginalized scholars, not pile on in attacking them when they make mistakes. (I’m not going to address the specific complaints made in the open letter, because this has been done elsewhere.) (1) is a journal of feminist philosophy explicitly committed to both ‘interdisciplinarity’ and ‘diversity’, positioned as both ‘accessible’ and a resource for ‘the wider women’s studies community’ (see their website).

, but of a privileged group relative to much of the population (being both white and university-employed) published a paper; a few philosophers together with a great many more non-philosophers from marginalized groups issued an apology for publishing the paper; and then many philosophers rallied in defence of the paper’s author. It’s true that some of the anger was directed at Tuvel, but much more was directed at , not to Tuvel.

If we insist upon this distinction, then it looks like Tuvel has articulated a ‘dangerous idea’, and the thought-police have stepped in to silence her.

You have never liked shopping at this store because of its less-than-wonderful service. Usually you have to pick up your change off the counter, but today the cashier places it in your hand, and for a brief moment you feel the warmth of his or her hand on yours. For some reason, you’re feeling more warmly toward this store than before. Hope you enjoyed your meal, he says with a smile and a parting pat on the shoulder.

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Traditional Judaism, always an astute observer of the human scene, stipulates that men and women who are not close relatives should exercise extreme caution and sensitivity in expressing affection for one another through touch.

You’re not surprised that there are misogynists in the world, you just feel betrayed because you didn’t think your best friend was one of them.

(2) Many philosophers tend to draw a distinction between the theoretical and the political.

Still, for many Jews who were raised observant, the kosher rules help form a sense of what is taboo to eat, and what is normal.

Some, for example, won't eat meat from unkosher animals, even though they'll eat meat that's not ritually slaughtered.

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