Who is jamie white dating

Name: Tom Welling Full Name: Thomas Joseph Welling Birthdate: April 26, 1977 Bithplace: New York, New York Height: 6’3″ Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Dark Brown Status: Single Past Relationships: Jamie White (Marriage: 11 Years – 2002-2013) Tom Welling was born on was born on April 26, 1977 in New York, New York.

His father, a retired executive for General Motors and his mother, a home engineer, named him Thomas Joseph Welling when the world welcomed him. His brother, Mark Welling, is also working as an actor.

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He’s changed since then and looks a lot more mature these days, but the lack of continuous engagements must have taken their toll on him and consequently on his marriage.But they also don’t seem to be together still, because Tom made his last red carpet appearance at the beginning of this year by himself. Again, Tom doesn’t like to give interviews; he just wants to do his job, so he’s not likely to let us know.Perhaps he’s sunken too much into obscurity now for anyone to truly make the effort to find out what the status of their divorce is. They’ve been separated for ten month before Jamie filed and apart from asking for spousal support, they would just divide their assets.Following high school graduation, Tom worked in construction, until he became a model.In his model days, he befriended Ashton Kutcher who was also a model during this time.

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