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His comment on New York City (where I live) give me all sorts of license to hate him. So the actual name of the business is True Glow Mobile Spray Tanning.

There’s a section on her site called “Face The Truth” in which she spews some facts about tanning beds and why they’re a waste a time and unhealthy. I would’ve tacked on a paragraph about spray-tans being the ultimate waste of time, and that surely would not have jived with Her Royal Sprayness.

It’s sort of like 60 Minutes meets Rage Against the Machine, if that makes any sense. Anyhow, the new segment (you can watch it above) is about Rocker, the apparently misunderstood inspiration behind the Kenny Powers character in Eastbound and Down. The reporter, a woman named Gianna Toboni, follows Rocker around for (it seems) a couple of days.

As with all developing pieces, a narrative was beginning to form—John Rocker: Misunderstood Baseball Star. Rocker has maintained, on multiple occasions, that the quotes were pieced together and/or taken out of context. When Rocker first made the case, I said I would play the tape for him. "Jeff," he said, "you look like a homeless guy down there on the sidewalk." Pause, and a motion toward my pal—"You've even got the black guy to make it look even more homeless-like."As the singer walked away, I seethed—and uttered nary a word.

But, really, I’m not blogging about John Rocker here. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s 100-percent worthwhile. But maybe, just maybe, John Rocker: 2014 is thoughtful and caring and charitable. But then, 14 minutes into the piece, Rocker sits across from Toboni and says this: “If people just wanna be so rudimentary, so naive, so sheepish that they just want to read that SI article and just accept what Jeff Pearlman has to say and ignore the fact that … Pearlman has done to me, maybe not in the vein of racism or bigotry or whatever, he has done to me what he’s done to 30 other subjects that he’s written about. And how about a little more research into what John Rocker has to say, and not the cut-and-splice version that Jeff Pearlman tries to portray.” Um …

Yesterday afternoon, somebody Tweeted me the link to a recent segment on Vice, the HBO news series that I absolutely love. You call because, when someone attacks another’s record or professionalism and it airs, you are required—by journalistic code—to give the targeted a chance to defend himself.

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Victoria's Secret, Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops, Sneaky Sunday, The Frye Company, Women Intelligently Networking (WIN! And yet, through it all, remains there—looming, hanging, wandering around, tweeting angrily, aggressively and irrationally. He was engaging and friendly and, I believed, relatively intelligent. At one point, with Girlfriend I in the front passenger seat and me sitting in the back, John asked if I'd ever been to Disney World."Sure," I said."You know all those characters who walk around the park? It's depressing.")—even though he knew the city was my home. The one thing I recall: When he pulled away, I phoned my mother. "And you're not gonna believe what just happened…"***Truth be told, upon returning to New York I struggled mightily with what, exactly, I should do with the interview. Then, one afternoon, I started thinking about something that happened four years earlier, when I was living in Nashville and writing for the daily newspaper. "Get it done by week's end."I approached Rocker and asked if he could spare some time. We spent, oh, 20 minutes chatting in the cramped visiting clubhouse, and over the ensuing days I grabbed 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. I picked it up and said, "Hey, you dropped this."The day got weirder. When she exited the car, he called his other girlfriend. They're all f-----g f----ts."Later on, as we drove from there to here and here to there, John filled me in on some of his social takes, referring to Randall Simon, his black teammate, as a "fat monkey" and making it clear he was no fan of the Big Apple ("Imagine having to take the [Number] 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you're [riding through] Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with kids. Maybe this was his way of playing the role of John Rocker, WWE superstar. Hell, there was a story already written—John Rocker: Misunderstood Baseball Star.When I sat down at my computer to write the story, what emerged was the heartwarming saga of a young man whose harsh image didn't line up with reality. I would fly down to Atlanta and spend a December afternoon with Rocker, who was slated to speak to students at Lockhart Academy, a K-12 school for children with learning disabilities. I just sat there, feeling embarrassed and powerless and meek. Saying nothing wasn't merely saying nothing—it was, by virtue of my silence, supporting his take. Hence, I decided that John Rocker warranted no protection. "***On the day the John Rocker story ran, I was out with Jennifer Wulff, my friend and fellow journalist. Commissioner Bud Selig suspended him for 73 days—the first time a baseball player had been disciplined for a speech issue., getting voted out in the earliest days of the game is a worst-case scenario. The former Major League Baseball player, infamous for controversial remarks he made in a 1999 — and he’s not sad about striking out. As long as Dale was there, our weakest player, I thought I was safe.

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